US State Department | Diplomat

(From Margot Carrington, US Embassy, Tokyo) Dear Ms. Kizorek: On behalf of the US Mission in Japan, I would like to thank you for your participation in our speaker program on women’s empowerment, a topic of great interest in today’s Japan. Rather than present some of the more traditional approaches to women’s advancement, with which the Japanese are already quite familiar, you helped us forge new ground with your unique style and creative presentations. 

The university students you spoke to were especially appreciative of your imaginative use of songs, light and artistic imagery. These techniques, as well as the positive reinforcement you provided, engaged the usually very shy and reticent Japanese participants, and spoke volumes about how we empower women and youth in the United States. 

We very much appreciate the energy and thoughtfulness that you brought to each of your engagements here. Thanks to speakers like you, we are able to inspire Japanese society with the ideals that we value as Americans. You made a lasting impression on young and old alike over the course of your time here and contributed achieving our public diplomacy goals in Japan. We look forward to working with you again in the future.