UN Women | Donor & Board Member

Following her experience as a donor to UN Women, Jessica recently joined the board of directors of the
Miami Chapter of UN Women USA. She’s proud to serve as the VP of Events, personally overseeing the
execution of an annual film screening, annual 5k, and membership/board meetings in between.

In 2016, Jessica donated video production services to the national office of UN Women to help tell the
story of what the organization actually does in Brazil the front line for the women and girls it serves.

SHARON GROBEISEN, UN WOMEN: “Through its Eye on the Mission grant, Two Parrots visited Sueny Dos
Santos Nogueira, a Brazilian activist of Casa da Mulher Trabalhadora (CAMTRA – the “House of Women
Workers”) supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. With camera in hand, they
accompanied Sueny in her fight to end violence against women in her community near Rio de Janeiro,
and helped UN Women to tell the story of how UN Trust Fund’s initiatives are demonstrating that
violence against women and girls can be systematically addressed, reduced, and with persistence,