We all have a light inside of us. Our inner light. We carry it in our chest as we journey throughout life. Some moments we are pure light, radiant and wondrous. Other moments we are a black hole, brought to our knees, our inner light gasping for breath. 

Jessica Kizorek’s “Inner Light” collection is raw, gutsy and dramatic. Poetry covered canvases are only the foundational surface for sculptures of light and shattered mirror. Each piece is three dimensional, reaching towards you, pulling you to see disparate facets of yourself in the broken shards of mirror. As you move, the pieces move. You are invited to feel the art… feel it reach inside your energetic aura, cleansing deep dark crevasses that rarely see light. 

The symbolism is rich and authentic. Each piece is truly bipolar. The duality of day/ night personalities is natural and unforced. During the day the canvas stands naked, a marriage of calligraphy, acrylic paint, shattered mirrors and liquid epoxy poured in lakes, further emphasizing the work’s layers and depth. 

At night the work literally transforms. In the absence of ambient light, each piece shines strong, the glow illuminating dark spaces inside of the room… and inside of us. Light super highways run like rivers through the canvases as a metaphor for the way technology runs through the inner recesses of our neurobiological experience.