That Open Door | Producer

LOGLINE: In a cautionary tale of heroin’s danger, 19-year old Keenan Clousing (deceased by overdose in 2014) shares his story of where he went wrong and what advice he’d give to other kids about heroin. This potent seven minute biography was pieced together from Keenan’s poem “Hope Is,” his testimony, family accounts, and the artistic lyrics of four young musicians determined to be Keenan’s voice and share his legacy.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT > Jessica Kizorek: It wasn’t easy on a personal level for me to produce this. However, I already know it will stand out as one of my career’s most rewarding projects. I met the main character, Keenan, right after he was born in 1994 – he was the adopted son of my high school tennis coach, Patti Clousing. Over the last 25 years I’ve stayed close with Patti, even though I tested her patience as juvenile delinquent myself who was sent to rehab at age 16. Deep inside I know this story could have been my story if heroin had been available when I was in high school. Just as I was the captain of the varsity tennis team, Keenan was being groomed as the quarterback of the varsity football team. Lucky for me heroin wasn’t available when I was in high school; unfortunately for him, Keenan entered 9th grade when the opioid crisis in full effect. It was an honor to be Keenan’s voice…he was very much present and using me as a medium throughout the process. Had I died of a heroin overdose at age 19, this is the artistic biography I’d want produced about me.