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The Eyes On Your Mission Project is a Miami-based 501c3 that serves nonprofits, students and industry professionals at the intersection of video production, media and social change.

EOYM offers an annual Free Video Grant, open March 1 – May 1st. 

EOYM’s new virtual training curriculum, the “Filmmaking for Good” Intensive, includes 16 digital modules (each 45 minutes long), delivered over the course of approximately one month designed for middle schools, high schools, colleges and out of school (OST) programs. The Intensive engages educators to teach young people how to produce short films focused on a social cause and highlighting a local nonprofit organization. They then promote their films (and the school/OST program) using social media as well as traditional media outlets. The great thing is that these digital stories can be created with professional camera equipment or on a smartphone, making the experience accessible to a diversity of participants. “Filmmaking for Good” is adaptable and flexible for various teaching environments and courses, including but not limited to: TV Production, Visual Arts, Journalism, Communications, Social Studies, Marketing, and Business Development. http://eyesonyourmission.org/virtual-academy/


  • Teach young people a highly valuable professional skillset
  • Expose youth to careers in production #collegereadiness
  • Empower them to use cell phones for social change
  • Encourage people to spread positive messages on social media
  • Supports online PR for OST programs, schools, and communities