Badass Businesswomen | The Chief

With the goal of providing both professional training and opportunities for meaningful relationship building, Badass Businesswomen creates incubator events, conferences, parties, and rich-media content.

Being a Badass is a state of mind, regardless of one’s gender. Unfortunately, a businesswoman who is strong-willed, ambitious and clear about her goals is too often labeled a “bitch.” Being an edgy and vocal woman is not always celebrated in the business environment. 

Being a card-carrying Badass Businesswoman does not merely announce and unleash your inner badass. Consider us a tribe, coming together, challenging and mentoring one another in today’s male-oriented business world.

Being a Badass Businesswoman is not about running stiletto-clad circles around men. It’s about gracefully striding forward in the business world with a radiant strength and confident dexterity that is uniquely female.