PBS South Florida | Producer

The TechVersify series, financed through two Miami sponsors, Gulliver Schools and the Center for Social Change, aired on South Florida PBS television from Palm Beach to the Keys.

Hosted by video producer and show creator Jessica Kizorek, the five-minute episodes will feature a mix of South Florida residents discussing how being constantly connected through technology affects them. Those interviews will be intermixed with medical points of view, including commentary from Miami Beach psychiatrist Eva Ritvo.

The first episode focuses on neuroscience. “We talk about how your brain changes based on the stimulus,” said Kizorek, a Miami resident and co-founder of Two Parrot Productions, which produces video for nonprofit groups. “The more you do an activity, the better your brain gets at it. If you are really good about bouncing back and forth between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then your brain alters the way it works.”

Other episodes will look at the importance of users unplugging from their gadgets, as well as how social media can affect dopamine and serotonin levels and one’s circadian rhythms. A new episode will be released each Thursday.