TechVersify | Producer

How does social media affect the brain? 

Why can’t we unplug from our smartphones at times?

These are some of the themes explored in a new WPBT2-PBS web series called “TechVersify,” which debuts Sept. 17 on the public broadcaster’s various digital platforms, including its YouTube channel, mobile app, and an online community of filmmakers site called the uVu network.

The six-part series, a partnership between the South Florida public broadcaster and Two Parrot Productions in Miami, examines the intersection of technology and professional and personal happiness.

“South Florida has become a technology hub, and we often talk about the business side of technology and we don’t often talk about the personal side of it,” said Max Duke, vice president of content and community partnerships for WPBT2. “The series really does want to understand, is technology giving us better lives and making us happier? What makes it something that it intrinsically belongs in our day?”