Keynotes and Workshops | Speaker

“Your energy and enthusiasm promoted a dialogue on women’s entrepreneurship in Japan. We sincerely appreciate your time in joining forces with the US State Department for this important cause.”

– Jason Martin, US Embassy Tokyo

“FANTASTIC job – from thinking truly deeply about our needs and objectives to designing special props and gifting us your art… it was certainly a wonderful experience for us all.”

– Vanessa Oshima, Coca-Cola Japan

“The university students were especially grateful for your imaginative use of songs, light and artistic imagery. You helped us forge new ground with your unique style and creative presentations.”

– Margot Carrington, Minister Counselor of Embassy

“You are an absolute pioneer in digital fundraising…thanks for coming out to AFP and showing us how it’s done!”

– Ellen Bristol, Association of Fundraising Professionals

“Jessica is as good as it gets.”

– Michelle Villalobos, Women’s Success Summit

“Our NFTE students can’t get enough of Jessica. She’s an absolute inspiration to our entire organization.”

– Alice Horn, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship