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A note from Jessica Kizorek, aka “The Chief”…

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Video Production for Non-Profits

Online video can be either really good or really bad. If want to hire actors or put words in people’s mouth, I’m not your girl. You’d only hire us to produce your video if want to tell your story with authenticity, spark and passion. I’ve written three books on online video marketing and have spent 12 years producing marketing, training and documentary-style videos for corporations and non-profits. Our client roster includes Bacardi, Hyatt, MAC Makeup, the Lions Club and the Special Olympics. We focus purely on educating your target audience and influencing their behavior by telling real stories about real people. We work together to simplify and articulate your message, then create a visual story that leads your customer closer towards making a purchase. Videos one of the most effective sales tools on the market today when strategically paired with email marketing, online search campaigns and sales presentations.

Multi-Media Training for Non-Profits

Online training plays a crucial role in creating consistency in the message. If you’re looking to attract an audience and engage them with education material, we work with a team of over 24 sub-contractors including strategists, designers and programmers. Projects vary widely depending on objective, but often include a mix of content generation, community building, lead generation, social media/email campaigns, website design, squeeze pages, back-end programming, content delivery systems, digital/physical fulfillment, e-commerce, password protected interfaces and mobile delivery.


At heart, I’m a teacher. I’ve traveled to over 60 countries on all seven continents, so I bring a global perspective to the stories I tell. I open people’s minds, make them giggle and teach them things they never knew about themselves and the world. My speeches are filled with practical skills training such as marketing, online video, social media, and entrepreneurship. But more importantly I invigorate people, challenge them, and drive them to be in action in their life. I aim to push people out onto the skinny branches, and it works. I get emails in the weeks, months and years following my speeches with accounts of the results they’ve produced as a direct result of seeing my speech or participating in my workshops.

Marketing Tactics & Strategy

My consulting clients are really smart people. They are all smart enough to know that some of the most potent ideas come from someone who is on the outside looking in. My consulting clients are hungry to grow, to expand, and find more effective ways of bonding with their customers. They retain me because they want new ideas, fresh strategy, and a step-by-step road map for implementing the ideas. I don’t claim to know your business better than you. But I am confident that I can bring a fresh perspective, challenge you to innovate, provide answers around Internet marketing, and lead a team to implement new campaigns.

Personal Branding

When someone Googles your name, what is the first thing they see? Is your online image strong, strategic, and built to increase the likelihood people will pay big bucks to engage you? It’s no longer sufficient to brand your company alone…you have to intelligently brand your name, your face and your brain. Whether you like it or not, Google is the new resume. If you don’t look like a badass when somebody types your name into Google, you’re already behind the curve. My personal branding process will walk you through every step of designing your online image, from getting in touch with the real you to planning and celebrating your launch party. My team of photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, social media gurus and video editors will make you look like a rock star. You should have done this a year ago.

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