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“Badass” Founder Jessica Kizorek: “Women Still Need to Express Themselves More in Business”


Local Businesswoman Jessica Kizorek has barely hit 30, but admits she has long seen a necessity to join forces with other women in the business world — which is why her site was born.

“There’s really still a need to push women to have that self expression that comes naturally to men,” Kizorek told Niteside. “Women are culturally trained to be more demure, appropriate, humble, careful and nurturing of others. They don’t put themselves out there the way that business men do.”

Since then, she has recruited fellow female “badasses” to her organization, all of which receive blog posts, event invites and advice free of charge. But, according to Kizorek – who has also penned five books on this subject – she has learned just as much from these women as vice versa. “From day one, this has been very much crowd sourced,” she explained. “I invite women weigh in on what they need, and what they want. This is easily something I could do the next 10 years of my life.”

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Jessica Kizorek – Biography – November 2011

Imagine Amelia Earhart piloting over uncharted territory to the soundtrack of George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” and you have a picture of motivational speaker/documentarian/writer Jessica Kizorek. She is the self-defined “Chief” of all in which she endeavors, particularly the most colorful of her companies, Badass Businesswomen.

A Magna Cum Laude scholar who has authored six books and garnered beaucoup cool points for being profiled on CNN’s “Young People Who Rock,” this vivacious entrepreneurial visionary leads one of the most thrilling and liberated lives imaginable. She embarks upon projects and businesses in a multiplicity of disciplines with the utmost gusto, always with the goal of helping people to thrive at their highest potential. With role models like Annie Lennox and Gloria Steinem, she oozes both style and book smarts. Kizorek takes on the most daunting of challenges…and takes her growing fan base along for the inspiring journey.

Via her Two Parrot Productions company (co-founded with her father Bill Kizorek), Jessica has created dozens of micro-documentaries for charitable organizations that dispel negative global stereotypes and highlight the human-interest endeavors in struggling countries around the world. Born into a family of adventure travelers, Kizorek has racked up visits to 62 countries on all seven continents working alongside NGOs such as the Special Olympics, Lions Club and One Laptop Per Child.  She and her father donate frequent flier miles and thousands of man-hours each year to showcase “people helping people,” a concept that resonates through every fiber of Kizorek’s being and every facet of her endeavors.

“Everybody has a calling within that drives them,” Kizorek explains. “Not being able to express that calling is frustrating. My purpose is to incite entrepreneurial women to take life by the horns, embrace their inner Badass, and proudly market themselves in business at the prices they deserve.” With teaching gigs at Princeton and the Miami Ad School, she easily boasts the professional credibility of someone twice her age.

A few years ago Jessica fine-tuned her focus to the specific needs of women looking to find them selves personally and create valuable jobs for others. She launched her concept as a way to empower women individually by infusing their personality into their work, and communally by bonding powerful women together for greater results. Working closely with Kizorek – one on one, in web seminars and fun annual gatherings – fortified women attain authenticity and the ability to unleash their badass personal brand!

“On February 18, 2010 I had an epiphany that made my world stand still,” Kizorek shares. “The words ‘Badass Businesswomen’ began to echo in my head, so I raced to to buy the URLs. Whereas men have ruled the business landscape for thousands of years, women are relatively new at this. Women in business face a different challenge than men – we really do have more of a challenge expressing ourselves authentically. We feel significant pressure to fit in and not stand out.  We fear being too soft and emotional. We dread being too hard and labeled as a bitch. Women can also be very self-judgmental and overly cautious about being ostentatious in their self-promotion. I knew on February 18, 2010 that it was my job on planet earth to teach women to be their full selves with confidence and pride. Voilå…almost four years later here I am teaching them to brag about themselves, negotiate for themselves and be hyper aware of the value they bring to the table. Cause that’s how a true Badass rolls.”

Kizorek’s own indomitable self-confidence began with a solid, supportive foundation at home. Hers was an upbringing of blessed plenty and privilege. “My parents have been married for 34 years and were amazing role models for me and my younger sister Carly,” Jessica begins. “My dad and I couldn’t be more similar – outrageous and charismatic alphas. My mother is the perfect grounded complement, making sure we were all loved with a safe, warm place to come home to. Before he sold it, my dad owned a video surveillance company that revolutionized the field of worker’s compensation insurance by enforcing that people stay honest. His leadership landed him on the Oprah Show, 20/20 and BBC. I ended up working for the company that acquired him as a licensed private investigator…a lot less glamorous than it sounds as it largely consisted of going through people’s garbage and writing horrifically detailed research reports. What I learned about myself there, though, is that I’m not cut out for left-brain analytical work…and that I’m a failure at being an employee for someone else.”

A quantum leap for Kizorek arrived following the years she led elite leadership training programs through Landmark Education. While leading the “Self-Expression and Leadership Program”, she rigorously trained people to understand who they are authentically – HOW THEY FELT WHEN THEY WERE TRULY BEING THEMSELVES – then how to express that to become leaders in their community. “I left that program to carry the same message to the business frontier – and to impact millions of people instead of 50 at a time.”

Today, Jessica Kizorek’s snazzy video intensive website is split into no less than five distinct categories; Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Consultant – plus four companies: Two Parrot Productions, Badass Businesswomen, and “Make Them Beg”, a home study program that teaches small business owners to stop selling and start seducing with their irresistible personal brand. Where the average person spends a lifetime milking one, maybe two, skill sets, Kizorek inspires her tribe to boldly live without limitation – to recognize and develop the many talents you have then sell them and yourself to the world in your full righteous peacock regalia. “Soon I’ll have a 7-figure business, but part of my appeal is I haven’t made it there yet. I’m fighting tooth and nail to make it big and inspire others to do the same. It’s a constant battle for me to stay true to myself, and my audience loves that I share those struggles freely. I challenge them by asking, ‘What are you willing to fight for, and how much are you willing to invest in yourself?’ I teach people to win playing by their own rules.”

With her forthright punk rock aura softened by the warm smile of a princess, Jessica Kizorek is a rockin’ modern day heroine of boundless value. “Above all else, I love creating the future,” Kizorek concludes. “I know in my heart I was put on this planet to make a huge impact.” At age 30, she’s only just begun to turn the plethora of forward thinking ideas in her head into revolutionary realities.