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Founded by Jessica Kizorek,

and her father Bill Kizorek, Two Parrot Productions is a video production company that specializes in creating compelling documentary style videos for non-profit organizations. To assist organizations in creating powerful videos, Two Parrot offers a matching grants and co-production programs enabling almost any non-profit to create professional videos that raise funds, increase awareness, and train volunteers.

At Two Parrot our family believes non-profits are more effective when equipped with digital video that tells their story. We believe digital video is THE most effective story telling mechanism on the planet these days. As a family we enjoy teaming up with non-profits committed to expanding their reach across YouTube, Facebook, email and mobile devices. We believe in donating our time and resources to help these clients get their message out in bigger ways.

Our video grants are awarded on an annual basis to only five applicants. We donate our pre-production planning, frequent flier miles, video production services, equipment, and staff time to capture HD video that strategically brings the organization’s story to life. We’ve filmed in many remote third world countries including – but not limited to – Congo, Rwanda, Burma, Ghana, Jordan, Cambodia, Moldova, Romania, Indonesia, Ghana, Guatemala – as well as the U.S.A.

After producing more than 30 micro-documentaries in hard to reach locations around the world, we’ve created a fool-proof system, checklists and training tools to expedite the process of making a non-profit documentary. Download our free eBook today called, “The Digital Future of Philanthropy: Engaging Donors with Online Video”. Great photos, adventure stories, and marketing insights to tickle your brain!

Our Clients

Are you a non-profit that wants to use more online video? If so, learn ore about our video production grant here.

Apply Here

Two Parrot Productions is currently accepting applications for the matching grant program, though only FIVE grants will be awarded globally during this cycle. To proceed there are a few things we need to know. Feel free to keep it brief and informal.