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Notes from raving fans….

“Never underestimate the power of a good theme. Jessica’s copy describing Badass Business Women in its literature is brilliant. Her saying she was inspired by Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle positioning and themes is a compliment. The issue here is whether or not your business stands for something, means something, stands out from clutter and competition because of its thematic positioning, and attracts people who ascribe to its meaning or values.”

Dan Kennedy, CEO Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle (Jessica’s personal hero)

“The influence you’ve had on my 100 year old company is dramatic. You’ve inspired us and challenged us to innovate. Your heart is big and your team is wildly creative. On the eve of our big launch, I’d like to thank you for pouring your heart into this project for over a year now. Our company is lucky to have you by our side.”

Ray Grimm, CEO, The Air Conditioning and Heating Company

“I am humbled by your time, comments, support & guidance…I love your style, wisdom & professionalism. We all can learn from it, if we really want to grow as individuals and make TMG what it can be.”

Orlando Velazquez, COO The Milon Group

“The video has been approved. GREAT JOB! Our CEO had no comments and the artist loved it—-Score!”

Lucinda Armas, Interim Head of Marketing, The Morton Arboretum

“The social media campaign you designed is complete and a huge success! Thank you for presenting to our staff! You have inspired them to fully embrace social media. Great Job!!!!”

Valerie Vitale, Senior Director, Programs, Best Buddies International

“You came on stage and I’m sure you have heard this a million times, but you woke me up. My dream is to be a writer. I want to move, inspire and change lives with the stories that I have to tell. But there was never time. The excuses abounded. So here comes Jessica Kizorek, and although her main goal is to teach and empower women to market themselves effectively, her words were impacting me. Because of you, in the last two months I have walked out on those skinny branches.”

Natasha Olivera, Florida International University Professor and Writer

“Jessica- The presentation you delivered was nothing short of inspiring. The mastery you have behind the camera permeates into all facets of your speech. With a membership comprised of highly accomplished non-profit professionals, who can prove to be a tough audience, you completely captured them with your energy, your conviction and the undeniable truth of your message regarding the power of video. It was just terrific! Thank you for making the time.”

Sandra Camacho, Association of Fundraising Professionals

“When the FDMA was seeking a presenter to speak about cost effective internet video, Jessica Kizorek was the natural choice. Today she did a great job of wowing our members with information that was simple to digest, easy to implement and perfectly on target with our audience. True to form her presentation was multimedia, filled with actual case studies and thoroughly engaging. I’m sure everybody in attendance today walked away with at least half a dozen great video ideas.”

Jim Gilbert, Florida Direct Marketing Association

“Jessica spoke to our Women’s Business Network luncheon and the topic she presented on (Why Bother with Social Media?) ensured a packed house. Her personal style and compelling commentary engaged the audience immediately and truly helped them get their arms around the various aspects of social media. Those who may have been intimated by the subject left with a better understanding and comfort level of how to use (and not use) social media in their own businesses.”

Mark A. Trowbridge, President & CEO, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

“Jessica Kizorek is one of those rare speakers who captivates the audience the moment she begins her presentation. She is one of the most down to earth presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to and learning from. Couple that with attention grabbing content and you have a superstar speaker that any event planner would be lucky to get on her/his program.”

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder Women in Ecommerce

Publisher WE Magazine for Women

Jessica Kizorek Filming in Ghana